UV Glue Auto Self-cleaning Filter

UV Glue Self-cleaning Filter For Sale
UV Glue Self-cleaning Filter For Sale

The self-cleaning filter in the picture is our Hydro-Yel series product, and the design pressure is 10bar.

In the early stages of the design of this self-cleaning filter, the customer’s request to us was that it was suitable for filtering high-viscosity liquids. After inquiry, we learned that customers need it to filter impurities during the production process of UV glue. To this end, we have made design upgrades and production is completed today.

UV glue is also called photosensitive glue and UV curable glue. It is a type of adhesive that must be cured by exposure to ultraviolet light. It can be used as an adhesive or as a glue for paints, coatings, inks, etc.

Traditional filters frequently clog when filtering viscous materials and soft impurities. Customers can only choose large filters or frequent manual cleaning. The investment is large and the work is complex and the material waste is serious. The scraper filter easily solves this kind of problem with its advanced self-cleaning operation mode and always keeps the filter element clean regularly. And discharge waste liquid with high concentration of impurities to reduce material waste. It has great advantages and higher efficiency when filtering water with poor quality and sticky materials such as adhesives, resins, polymers, and greases.

The self-cleaning filters of the Hydro-Yel series are very suitable for the filtration process of UV glue and other types of viscous solutions under normal pressure. If you need a customized self-cleaning filter, you can contact us at any time, we provide free design services.