The Important Role Of Self-Cleaning Filter In Glue Filtration

Glue wedge wire Filter Element

Glue filtration is also an important part of the production process. In glue production, glue needs to be filtered to filter out the solid particles in the glue. 

The existing filter for glue filtration is composed of a filter shell, a net basket arranged in the shell, and a filter bag sleeved in the net basket. 

Due to the high viscosity of glue, its filtration efficiency is low, it is easy to block the filter hole of the filter bag, and it is easy to stick with solid particles, resulting in a low filtration rate of glue, large glue residue in the filter bag and large filtration loss. 

For the filter with the above structure, the bag opening of the filter bag is generally fixed through the sleeve of the pressure ring and the mesh basket opening. However, due to the easy deformation of the pressure ring, the deformed pressure ring can not fix the filter bag, resulting in the bag mouth of the filter bag will be partially or completely separated from the opening of the net basket during filtration, so that the glue will flow out directly from the net basket, resulting in filtration pollution and the filtration effect can not be guaranteed. 

Wedge wire screen self-cleaning filter saves time and labor, simple operation, and reduces the waste of consumables.

Glue self-cleaning filter is very convenient. In addition, the convenience of glue self-cleaning filters is also reflected in its own internal operation. Glue self-cleaning filter is an intelligent operation mode. It can complete the filtering task by itself without manual real-time supervision. What we need to do is to deal with all the mechanical settings before the glue self-cleaning filter is officially put into operation.

Another obvious advantage of a glue self-cleaning filter is that the glue self-cleaning filter is more durable and of better quality. When using the glue self-cleaning filter, you don’t need to worry that it will fail at any time. As long as it is operated according to the normal operation mode without artificial damage, there is no problem in use.