Self Cleaning Screen

Self Cleaning Screen
Self Cleaning Screen

Wedge wire screens are ideal for installation inside self-cleaning filters. In addition to its sturdy structure, it also has the property of being less prone to clogging.

Filter screen is the core accessory of self cleaning filter. Its quality is directly related to the normal operation of the self-cleaning filtration system. According to terminal information collection, about 65% of automatic cleaning filters are not equipped with qualified filter screens. To help customers solve this problem, we built a factory covering an area of 60,000 square meters. This factory specializes in producing self-cleaning screens of various specifications and materials.
In addition, we have jointly developed new welding processes and surface treatment technologies with local universities. These technological breakthroughs enable our screens to have stable quality and longer service life. Among them, our new nano-surface treatment technology has obtained a new technology patent.

Why use a wedge wire self cleaning screen?

For self-cleaning filters, the selection of filter cartridges is very small. Because as impurities gradually accumulate, the pressure inside the filter will increase. When the pressure difference between the inside and outside reaches the rated value, the filter strainer will start the self-cleaning process. Whether using internal and external scrapers or backwashing processes, the wedge wire self-cleaning screen is the best choice.
Advantages: Unlike other types of filter screens, the gaps of the wedge wire screen have a “narrow inside and wide outside” structure. Therefore, there are few contact points between impurity particles and the profile, making them easy to clean and remove. In addition, the wedge wire mesh is a fully welded structure. Not only is it strong and durable, but it can also work for a long time in a high-pressure environment.

Self Cleaning Screen Type

Technical Parameters

NameSelf cleaning filter screen, self cleaning filter cartridge.
MaterialLow carbon galvanized wire, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, 321, 904L, 2205, 2507, C276…
Filtration accuracy15 – 3000 microns. The minimum slot size of the “FOTI” type is 10 microns.
Width of profile wire0.75×1.5mm, 1×2mm, 1.5×2.5mm, 2×3mm, 2.2×4.2mm, 3×5mm, 4×7mm.
Width of support rod2×3mm, 3×4mm, 3×5mm, 4×5mm, 6mm.
ODPatented surface treatment technology. Not only does it improve corrosion resistance, but it also reduces the adhesion of impurities.
StructureFITO. Filters should use internal scrapers.
FOTI. Filters should use external scrapers.
AdvantageSolid structure. Patented ring fusion welding technology, and strong mechanical performance.
Perfect coaxiality and roundness. Can be better used with a scraper.
The minimum outer diameter is 16mm. Can be customized according to customer needs.
Patented surface treatment technology. Not only does it improve corrosion resistance, it also reduces the adhesion of impurities.


  • The continuous gaps greatly increase the water passing area, compared with other types of self-cleaning screens. It has the highest unit water flow rate.
  • The special gap structure of “narrow inside and wide outside” is not easy to block. Especially when dealing with high-viscosity fluids. Wedge wire self-cleaning screen is the only option.
  • The structure is solid and not easy to deform. Whether it is an ordinary wire mesh filter screen or a sintered wire mesh, many problems will occur after long-term use. Among them, structural deformation is the most serious aspect. After the wire mesh structure is deformed, the pores will become larger, so that it will no longer be able to effectively intercept. Wedge wire self-cleaning screen is a fully welded structure with uniform and stable gaps, which can solve this problem.
  • Large opening ratio. Although self-cleaning filters need to work in a pressure environment, low-pressure drop screens can save a lot of energy. One of the characteristics of a wedge wire screen is its high opening rate and low pressure, which can reduce part of the cost of use.
  • Easy to clean. Self-cleaning filters solve the problem of manual cleaning. Therefore, when choosing a filter screen, easy cleaning is particularly important. Generally speaking, self-cleaning filters use two self-cleaning methods, namely backwash and scraper. Either way, a wedge wire screen is the best choice.