Screw Press Screen

Screw Press Screens for Solid Liquid Separator
Screw Press Screens for Solid Liquid Separator

Our new screw press screen increases structural strength. Avoid deformation and increase service life. At the same time, the solid content of the separated material can be increased, and the separation effect is good. It can also reduce the use of materials, reduce weight, and reduce production costs.

Whether it is pig manure, cow manure, or chicken manure, it contains a lot of water. Before subsequent environmental protection treatment, there is usually a solid-liquid separation process. Currently, two main types of manure separators are most common. They are a screw press separator and a slope screen manure separator.
No matter what kind of solid-liquid separator it is, a screw press screen is necessary. There is a prerequisite for choosing a suitable filter screen, which is to understand the operating mechanism of the entire separator equipment.

There is an extrusion device at the discharge end of the separator, which is used to improve the solid-liquid separation effect. As a result, the solid content of the separated material is higher. There is a screen inside the solid-liquid separator. The structure and performance of the screen have an important impact on the normal operation of the solid-liquid separator. With the continuous advancement of technology, customers have higher and higher requirements for the performance of screens.

General Questions about Screw Press Screen

At present, the structure and performance of wedge wire screw press screens on the market generally have the following two situations:

  • The structural strength of the screw press screen is low and cannot meet the requirements of the high solid content of the separated product.
  • Affected by the extrusion force of the extrusion device at the discharge end of the solid-liquid separator, the pressure on the part of the screen near the discharge end is greater than the pressure on the part near the feed end. Therefore, the part of the screen near the discharge end will be under excessive pressure. The structure of the filter screen itself is not strong enough and causes deformation.
  • After deformation, the filter screen is prone to solid material leakage, which affects the solid-liquid separation effect. The higher the solid content of the material separated by the solid-liquid separator, the greater the pressure of the extrusion device at the discharge end. Therefore, the discharge end of the screen is more likely to be deformed and its service life is shortened.
  • The screen structure can meet the strength requirements, but it affects the discharge of the separated liquid. This reduces the solid-liquid separation speed and lowers production efficiency. On the other hand, to meet the structural strength, its screen-reinforced steel structure uses a lot of materials. Therefore, the filter screen is heavy, bulky, and expensive to produce.
  • In summary, it can be seen that the existing technology has inconveniences and defects in actual use, so it can be improved.

OEM Type

In addition to the production of regular screw press separators, we also provide OEM services for filter meshes of all brands of separators. Whether it is in terms of external dimensions, filtration accuracy, or service life, it can maintain consistency with the original factory products. We can create corresponding screen press screens for the brands in the chart below.

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