Pulp Filtration Sewage Recovery Device

Papermaking is an important invention of the ancient Chinese working people. There are two forms: mechanism and manual. The mechanism is continuous on the paper machine and will be suitable for the pulp of the paper quality.

It is diluted with water to a certain concentration, initially dehydrated on the screen of the paper machine to form a wet sheet, which is then pressed and dehydrated, and then dried into paper.

In the work of papermaking, pulp waste liquid is discharged. If the waste liquid is not treated in time, it is easy to pollute the environment, so it needs to be recycled.

In the prior art, the waste liquid is generally concentrated in a pool, and the filtration is completed by steps such as precipitation and drug administration, but this treatment method is inefficient and incomplete.

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a sewage recovery device for pulp filtering, which has solved the problems mentioned in the above technical background.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the present utility model provides the following technical solutions: a sewage recovery device for pulp filtration, including a box body.

The top of the box is provided with a liquid inlet, the bottom of the box is provided with a liquid outlet, the box is provided with a filter screen, and the bottom of the box is provided with a motor.

The output end of the motor is connected with a stirring device, and the stirring device is arranged in the box body, and the box body is provided with a rotating rod, and a blade is installed on the rotating rod.

Both ends of the rotating rod are connected to the inner wall of the box, one end of the rotating rod is connected with a rotating blocking piece, and a neutralization box is fixedly connected to the top of the box body.

The neutralization box is connected with a pipe, one end of the pipe is connected with the box body, the rotating baffle is arranged in the pipe, and the vane is arranged at the lower end of the liquid inlet.

Preferably, the number of the filter screens is at least two, the filter screens are arranged obliquely, a movable door is movably provided at the inclined end of the filter screen, and a collection box is provided at the movable door.

Preferably, at least four blocking pieces are provided on the rotating blocking piece, and the size of the rotating blocking piece corresponds to the size of the inner diameter of the pipe.

One end of the pipe is disposed on the side wall of the box body close to the stirring device.

The stirring device includes a main rod and a support rod, and at least two support rods are arranged on the main rod.

To sum up, the utility model has the following beneficial effects:

This kind of sewage recovery device used for pulp filtration realizes multi-stage filtration of waste liquid through multiple filter screens.

Through the liquid inlet, the waste liquid enters the box. At this time, the waste liquid drives the blade to rotate, so that the blade drives the rotating rod to rotate, and the rotating rod drives the rotating baffle to rotate.

Make the acid and alkali in the neutralization box neutralize the drug particles, enter the box, and then start the motor.

The motor drives the stirring device to mix the filtered waste liquid with the acid-base neutralized drug particles.

The acid-base neutralization reaction between the waste liquid and the medicine is realized, and the purpose of filtering the waste liquid more fully is achieved, and the work efficiency is improved.

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