Wind Turbine Gearbox Lubrication System Wedge Wire Filter


  1. The miniaturization and simplification of the filter are realized, and the space occupied by the gearbox in the engine room is reduced.
  2. Improve product reliability.

Why Use The BLU-RHY-02 Wedge Wire Filter?

At present, in the gearbox lubrication system of the wind power generation industry, a temperature control valve is generally installed, and the temperature control valve has three oil ports: the oil port, the low-temperature port, and the high-temperature port.

The control principle is: the temperature sensing element inside the temperature control valve temperature bulb is heated and expanded to push the ejector rod, and the ejector rod drives the valve sleeve to overcome the force of the return spring to adjust the size of the valve port of the temperature control valve, thereby changing the opening of the high and low-temperature ports. Spend.

When the temperature of the medium exceeds the operating temperature of the temperature control valve, the low-temperature port is completely closed. When the temperature is lower than the operating temperature range of the thermostatic valve, under the action of the spring force, the low-temperature port is fully opened again.

The temperature control valve installed in the wind power gearbox lubrication system is mainly to control the flow direction of the lubricating oil. When the temperature is low, due to the high viscosity of the lubricating oil, the resistance inside the cooler is very large.

And no cooling is required, so the oil does not need to flow through the cooler and goes directly to the gearbox distributor through the low-temperature port of the thermostatic valve.

When the oil temperature is very high, the lubricating oil must be completely cooled by the cooler to ensure the normal operation of the gearbox.

The temperature control valve moves with the change of temperature, but due to its limited life, coupled with the uncertainty of wind direction, wind force, and other factors, it is often in motion and will be damaged when its life is up.

BLU-RHY-02 provides a simple, compact, and low-cost wind turbine gearbox lubrication system wedge wire filter.


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