White Sugar Cane Juice Wedge Wire Screen


  1. Good filtering effect and not easy to block, not easily clogged with residue left in sugarcane juice
  2. Quantitative filtration of sugarcane juice is possible
  3. Intermittently control the amount of sugarcane juice that needs to be filtered with the asynchronous drive control structure
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Why Use The BLU-GZZ-875 Wedge Wire Screen?

At present, the raw material for making white granulated sugar is generally sugar cane.

The processes of sugar cane production include juice extraction, filtration, evaporation, crystallization, honey separation, and drying, among which filtration is one of the important processes in sugar cane production.

Filtration can remove the solid impurities produced by juicing, making the sugarcane juice purer, which is not only more conducive to the subsequent sugar production process but also can effectively improve the quality of sugar.

There are the following disadvantages: when the device filters the squeezed sugarcane juice, the residue in the sugarcane juice easily blocks the filter screen, resulting in a poor filtering effect.

Therefore, in view of the above-mentioned problems, it is necessary to design a sugarcane juice filter screen for sugar production, which has a good filtering effect, is not easy to block, and can control the feeding amount.

In order to overcome the shortcoming that the filtering effect is not good and is easy to block and cannot control the feeding amount, BLUSLOT provides a sugar cane juice filtering equipment wedge wire screen with good filtering effect and not easy to block and can control the feeding amount.


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