Wedge Wire Filter For Waste Water And Acid Recovery


  1. Increase the filtering effect of waste water and waste acid, and it is not easy to block after long-term use.
  2. No new pollutants, good filtering effect, convenient use, time-saving, and high efficiency.
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Why Use The BLU-SHSA-01 Wedge Wire Filter?

Chemical plants, chemical fiber plants, metal surface treatment industries, and electroplating industries will discharge a large amount of acidic wastewater in the process of making and using acid.

If this industrial acid wastewater is directly discharged, it will corrode the pipeline, damage crops, harm aquatic organisms such as fish, damage the ecological environment, and endanger human health.

Therefore, industrial acidic wastewater must be treated to meet the national discharge standard before it can be discharged, and the acidic wastewater can also be recycled and reused.

When disposing of spent acid, the methods that can be selected include salt treatment, concentration method, spray roasting method, extraction method and ion exchange resin method.

The spray roasting method is used to treat the hydrochloric acid washing waste liquid and its regeneration and recovery. The hydrochloric acid waste liquid filtered by the filter tank is injected into the pre-concentration tower and is heated and concentrated by the waste heat of the roaster in the tower. After the concentrated liquid reaches a predetermined concentration, it is pumped into the roaster. It is sprayed into the furnace from the top of the furnace in a mist form through a spray gun, and the waste acid treatment work is carried out. The existing spray roasting method has a poor filtering effect, many impurities, and is prone to blockage, which in turn will block the spray gun, and the spray effect of the spray gun is not good, which will affect the effect of spray roasting to remove the acid.

Therefore, a filter device for recycling waste acid from wastewater is proposed.

The BLU-SHSA-01 Wedge Wire Filter overcomes the defects of the prior art such as poor filtering effect and many impurities and provides a filtering solution for the recovery of wastewater and acid.


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