Multi-Stage Pectin Wedge Wire Filter For Spice Extraction


  1. Realize multi-stage filtration of fresh feed liquid and fresh fruit, effectively avoid filter clogging caused by the single-stage filter.
  2. The inclined structure of the filter screen enables the filter cake to fall to the feeding area in time, effectively preventing the filter screen from clogging
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Why Use The BLU-GJGL-01 Wedge Wire Filter?

In the extraction process of natural plant flavors, fresh plants or fruits are often used as raw materials, and a large amount of pectin is precipitated in the extract after the fresh plants or fruits are crushed, which affects the extraction effect.

However, due to the high viscosity of pectin, most of the pectins need to be separated by standing for 3-7 days after standing for 3-7 days.

This not only seriously affects continuous production and restricts production efficiency, but also a long time of clarification and storage can easily lead to the deterioration of fresh plants and affect the extraction quality of spices.

In order to overcome the problems existing in the above technologies, BLU-GJGL-01 provides a multi-stage pectin wedge wire filter for spice extraction.

By setting up a plurality of continuous filtering devices, using the principle of grading filtering, the continuous filtering of pectin can be realized, and the filtering residue can be discharged without affecting the normal production.


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