Wedge Wire Filter for Ion Chromatographs


  1. It has a good protective effect on samples that are volatile, sublimated, and thermally unstable, and improves the practicability of filtering equipment.
  2. To make full use of the liquid, observe how much the scale line is connected to the sample liquid.
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Why Use The BLU-SPSO-01 Wedge Wire Filter?

Ion chromatography is a kind of high-performance liquid chromatography, so it is also called high-performance ion chromatography (HPIC) or modern ion chromatography.

It is different from traditional ion-exchange column chromatography in that the resin has a high degree of cross-linking and low exchange capacity, and the injection volume is small.

Using a plunger pump to deliver the eluent usually performs online automatic continuous conductivity detection of the eluent.

Ion chromatographs often use liquid filtration equipment to clean and filter excess impurities in the sample to prevent damage to the instrument or affect the chromatographic column.

Provided is a wedge wire filter element of a liquid filtering device for an ion chromatography. When improving the sample liquid is exposed to the air, the special volatile and sublimated liquid cannot be filtered, and the sample is easily contaminated, which in turn affects the test of the ion chromatograph.


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