Wax Oil Hydrocracking Backwash Wedge Wire Filter


  1. The high degree of automation, high filtration precision, can effectively reduce impurities in raw oil
  2. Provide qualified raw materials for the wax oil hydrocracking unit, and provide a guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the unit

Why Use The BLU-ZQX-789 Wedge Wire Filter?

The feedstock oil of the wax oil hydrocracking unit is vacuum wax oil, which contains a lot of impurities.

If the wax oil directly enters the hydrocracking unit without being filtered, the heat exchanger or other equipment will be fouled or blocked, and the heat exchange effect of the heat exchanger will be reduced.

It is also possible to contaminate the catalyst, reduce its activity, increase the pressure drop in the reactor bed, lead to catalyst failure, and ultimately lead to the unscheduled shutdown of the reactor to remove fouling particles.

For companies, maintenance and shutdowns mean reduced production volumes, additional labor, and associated costs such as replacing reactors and catalysts, reducing the economics of production units.

In order to avoid the occurrence of such phenomena, the wax oil hydrocracking unit adopts the automatic backwashing filter system of the raw oil to slow down the growth rate of the pressure drop of the reactor and prolong the service life of the unit.

BLUSLOT developed the BLU-ZQX-789 series wedge wire filter element for this purpose.

The automatic backwashing filter element is applied under the condition of high-temperature vacuum wax oil. Due to its mature manufacturing, high filtration precision, and a high degree of automation, equipment scaling or blockage is avoided.

It greatly reduces the risk of catalyst failure in the reactor, slows down the growth rate of the pressure drop in the reactor, improves the economic benefit of the device, and prolongs the service life of the device, which has great promotion significance.


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