Water Treatment Resin Exchanger Filter Nozzle


  1. Material: SS304 or 316
  2. Profile wire: 2x3mm
  3. Slot size: 0.5mm
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Why Use The BLU-BSQ-M-03 Filter Nozzle?

This product is a component used in the water treatment exchanger, it is installed on the water outlet inside the exchanger, and it is a water filter nozzle that can effectively prevent the loss of exchange resin.

It has a simple structure, convenient manufacture, easy installation, and long service life.

At present, ion exchange resins are used in water treatment processes to remove harmful impurities in water. Ion exchange resins are small in size and are easily washed away from the exchanger by water during regeneration and operation.Usually, a water filter nozzle is made of high-strength plastic or nylon mesh to block the loss of resin.

Due to defects in the manufacture or material properties of the water filter nozzle and nylon mesh, the quality is often not guaranteed and the service life is short, which can lead to resin loss failures in the exchanger.

BLU-BSQ-M-03 series products are water filter nozzles made of acid-resistant stainless steel for plates. Its advantages are corrosion resistance, high strength, long service life, and easy installation.


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