Waste Amine Liquid Wedge Wire Filter Element


  1. Temperature resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and amine solvent corrosion resistance.
  2. Continuous filtration has the characteristics of high filtration accuracy, and can also filter and purify divalent metal inorganic salts in the process of intercepting impurities in the waste amine solution, so as to realize the regeneration and recycling of the waste amine solution.

Why Use The BLU-HG-16 Wedge Wire Filter Screens?

At present, in the petroleum refining industry, the refinery gas produced by delayed coking, catalytic cracking, thermal cracking and hydrogenation units needs to be desulfurized because of its high content of hydrogen sulfide.

In recent years, the fastest-growing N-methyldiethanol solvent, namely MDEA (CH3-N= (CH2CH2OH)2), is used by most domestic and foreign companies due to its good selective desulfurization characteristics, mature technology, and convenient operation. use.

In the production process, most companies use 100-200m3 storage tanks to collect the waste amine liquid produced by the alcohol amine desulfurization process and then use a small flow to gradually discharge it into the oily sewage system.

Since the MDEA content in the waste amine solution is 20%-25%, the COD content is 10000-30000mg/L, and the inorganic salt content is 3-5%, it belongs to high-COD, high-salinity, difficult-to-degrade, and low-toxic sewage, which is harmful to the operation The sewage treatment system caused an impact, which ultimately affected the water quality of the sewage discharged from the enterprise.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a simple, feasible, safe, and efficient treatment device for how to deal with the waste amine solution.

The BLU-HG-16 series products provide a simple structure, convenient operation, and high filtration accuracy of waste amine liquid filtration and purification wedge wire filter element. Compared with traditional trapping filters such as bag filters, pleated filter elements, activated carbon filters, etc., it has a simple structure, adopts nanofiltration pore size to filter and trap divalent metal ions such as iron, calcium, and manganese, and has high filtration accuracy and realizes waste amine liquid. The characteristics of recycling and reuse.


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