Blast Furnace Slag Flushing Water And Gas Washing Wastewater Wedge Wire Filter


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Why Use The BLU-MKXD-01 Wedge Wire Filter?

The waste water from blast furnace slag flows into the gravity filter, where water slag and other suspended solids are trapped by the support layer composed of gravel.

The water is drained through the gaps in the gravel layer to separate the slag water.

The water slag trapped on the support layer is also used as a filter material layer for filtering the gas washing wastewater when the gas washing sewage flows through the water slag filter material layer from top to bottom.

The solid contaminants with larger diameters are first trapped in the pores on the surface of the feed.

As a result, the pores of the surface filter material are getting smaller and smaller, and the fouling interception capacity is getting higher and higher.

Then, on the surface of the water-slag building material, a filter membrane composed of retained gas mud is gradually formed, which plays a major role in trapping.

Moreover, the porous water slag surface has an obvious adsorption effect on the tiny pollutants, so that the tiny pollutants are deposited and condensed on the water slag surface.

Due to sieving, gravity sedimentation, and adsorption, and coagulation, the suspended solids, and colloids in the gas washing wastewater are separated.

BLUSLOT has developed a highly efficient BLU-MKXD-01 Wedge Wire Filter.


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