Vibrating Wedge Wire Screen Used In Mine Sand Production Line


  1. The structure is simple, the operation of pressing or disassembling is simple, the screen replacement speed is fast, and the production efficiency is high.
  2. The wedge-shaped structure and the screen surface itself have an inclination angle of about 18°-25° with the ground.
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Why Use The BLU-SSS-01 Wedge Wire Screen?

When the vibrating screen is fixed, in order to make the mesh fixed firmly, in addition to tightening through the gussets on both sides, it also needs to be pressed from the middle.

Therefore, it can effectively prevent the screen mesh from affecting the screening efficiency due to looseness, and also avoid damage to the screen mesh and the screen mesh bracket.

However, the existing screen mesh is mostly fixed by welding nuts and bolts, and the welding direction of the nuts is not easy to grasp, which causes the bolts to be inclined, making it difficult to install the bolts.

Moreover, it is difficult to operate the bolts when the lower screen space is limited, which greatly reduces the screen replacement speed and reduces productivity.

Even after some bolts are loosened, they will enter the subsequent host with the material, causing great damage to the host.

The screen replacement speed is slow, and the fixing bolts are easy to loosen, which affects the production efficiency. BLUSLOT has developed the BLU-SSS-01 series of wedge wire screen products.


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