Vertical Diatomite Wedge Wire Filter For Marine Extraction


  1. Speed up the overall filtering speed.
  2. Efficiently remove impurities from sea cucumbers.

Why Use The BLU-GZT-75 Diatomite Wedge Wire Filter?

A filter is a device that uses a porous filter to achieve solid-liquid separation. Filters are used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing, coal, and water treatment sectors.

The filter is a new type of filtration system with novel structure, small volume, simple and flexible operation, high efficiency, airtight work, and is multi-purpose filtration equipment with strong applicability.

When using a filter to filter seafood, due to the various impurities in the broken sea cucumber, the filtration speed of a single filter layer is relatively slow.

BLU-GZT-75 is a vertical diatomite wedge wire filter for seagoing industrial extraction.

In order to solve the problem that a single filter layer has a relatively slow filtration speed due to various impurities in broken sea cucumbers when using a filter to filter seafood, which is proposed in the above-mentioned background art.


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