Vertical Diatomite Wedge Wire Filter For Brewing Production


  1. Reduce the filtration process, reduce the production cost, and improve the quality of the filtered wine.
  2. Prevent impurity blockage, reduce cleaning frequency, and improve work efficiency

Why Use The BLU-GZT-36 Wedge Wire Filter?

In the production process of wine products, multiple filtration procedures are required to filter out impurities in the wine.

In the filtration process, a diatomaceous earth filter is generally used for filtration, but the impurities filtered by the existing diatomaceous earth filter are easy to flow out with the wine, and the filtering effect is poor.

Therefore, multiple filtration procedures are required to obtain relatively pure wines, resulting in complicated procedures and higher production costs. The existing diatomaceous earth filter is after the completion of the process.

The filter plate easily adheres to the filtrate and diatomaceous earth additives, which reduces the filtration speed, and because the raw liquid contains impurities.

It is easy to block the filter, and the filter needs to be cleaned frequently.

The BLU-GZT-36 series products overcome the existing shortcomings and provide a vertical diatomite wedge wire filter element for wine production.



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