Vacuum Pump Inlet Pipe Wedge Wire Filter


  1. The structure is simple and easy to use, which solves the hidden danger caused by the residue left in the pipeline during installation to the operation of the pump.
  2. The safety and reliability of the pump operation is improved, and in addition, the utility model has the advantages of simple manufacture and low cost.
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Why Use The BLU-ZKBG-01 Wedge Wire Filter?

In the water ring vacuum pump, the gap between the end face of the rotating impeller and the distributor is very small, only 0.15-0.85mm. If there is debris entering the pump, it is easy to get stuck between the end face of the impeller and the end face of the distributor.

The impeller and the end face of the distributor may be scratched in mild cases, and the blades may be broken in severe cases, causing damage to the pump and affecting the safety and reliability of operation.

This situation often occurs when the water ring vacuum pump is used for the first time after installation, and the welding slag and other debris left in the pipeline are not completely cleaned up during the pipeline installation.

After the pump is started, welding slag, etc. will enter the pump with the airflow, causing damage to the pump.

BLU-ZKBG-01 provides a wedge wire filter unit for vacuum pump inlet pipe.


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