Vacuum Pump Cartridge Oil Filter Element

  1. Brand: Bluslot
  2. Filter media: Stainles Steel 316/304
  3. Style: Cylinder
  4. Hole type: Round
  5. Filter Efficiency: 1-200um
  6. Weight (KG): 1.15
  7. Usage: Liquid Filter, high temperature
  8. Certificate: ISO9001
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Sintered Five-layer mesh filter cartridge is composed of standard five-layer sintered mesh, which is laminated and sintered in a vacuum.

This kind of filter cartridge has the following advantages such as high strength, high corrosiveness, excellent permeability, ease to wash and backwash, accurate filter efficiency, etc.

Standard Sintered Mesh consists of five layers: the protective layer, the filter layer, the dispersion layer, and two reinforcing meshes.

Owing to its surface filtration construction, and smooth wire of the mesh, it is good at backwashing and regeneration.

Furthermore, this mesh is easy to be formed, machine and weld. It can be produced into many kinds of shapes such as circular, cartridge, cone, and pleats.

Main Connection Type

Standard interface, such as 222, 220, 226
Fast interface
Flange connection
Tie rod connection
Threaded connection
Customized connection

Max Operation Temperature≤500℃
Filter Efficiency1-200um
Operation Temperature0.1-30MPa
Connection Type222,226,215,M36,M28,M24,M22,M20 thread connection


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