Unidirectional Pressure Sieve Bend Screen


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire DSM Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  20 microns or more
Angle: 60°
Application: Starch slurry

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Why BLU-HXS-01 Series Sieve Bend Screen?

Sieve Bend Screen is an important part of pressure screen equipment. It is usually used for corn and potato processing, separation of starch slurry, starch milk, and residue skin.

The ordinary DSM screen is formed by 90° vertical welding of ribs and wires, with poor cutting capacity and low filtration efficiency.

LU-HXS-01 Series Sieve Bend Screen solves the above technical problems and can be used for water treatment, corn starch, rice protein, pulp, and other separation work. Good segmentation ability and high work efficiency, which can effectively improve the filtration efficiency by about 20%.

Structural Features Of BLU-HXS-01 Series Sieve Bend Screen

  1. The profile wire is wedge wire with a V-shaped structure. The cross-section of the support strip is a trapezoidal structure.
  2. The profile wire is formed by staggered welding with the support rod.
  3. The inclination angle between the profile wire and the support rod: 2 ° – 17 °, and the inclination angle between each wire and the support rib shall be consistent.
  4. The bending radian is 60 °.
  5. The edge liners (flat bar & angle bar) at both ends are welded with both ends of the sieve bend screen body.

BLU-HXS-01 Series Sieve Bend Screen includes wedge wire DSM screen and stainless steel edge lining at both ends.
The edge lining is welded with both ends of the screen plate body, and the function of the edge lining is to facilitate installation.
The wedge wire screen sieve bend screen is formed by fusion welding of face wire and support rod.
The wedge-shaped wire design with an inclined angle greatly increases the working efficiency of the product.  The bending angle of the sieve bend screen is 60 °, and the efficiency is the best.There is no need for manual bending during installation, and there will be no problems of failing to meet the radian requirements and difficult installation.
The screen gap between the wire bars is evenly distributed, and the wire bars are welded with the support bars, which has high structural strength and long service life. 

Advantage of BLU-HXS-01Series Sieve Bend Screen

  • Structural stability
  • Long service life
  • Good segmentation ability
  • High work efficiency
  • Acid and alkali corrosion resistance
  • Filtration efficiency increased by 20%
  • The screen gaps between the filaments are evenly distributed


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