Surface Condensate Wedge Wire Filter


  1. Johnson screen is used to enhance the strength of the filter element and reduce the running resistance
  2. Reduce the number of filter replacements, avoid waste disposal, and save resources, thereby effectively reducing equipment operating costs
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Why Use The BLU-ZQX-789 Wedge Wire Filter?

In power plants, papermaking, food, medicine, and chemical industry, petroleum preparation, and other industries, filters are often used to filter media such as water, oil, gas, and solvents.

The known filter mainly includes a filter cartridge, a filter element disposed of in the cavity of the filter cartridge, and a medium drainage mechanism for introducing or extracting media to or from the filter element, wherein the filter element is generally composed of a perforated metal sheet.

For the one-time use of the filter element, all the components constituting the filter element are presented as a structure that can be disassembled and combined with each other, so that only the filter element and the filter disc can be replaced when replacing.

If the strength of the filter element can be substantially increased and the service life of the filter element can be extended, it can not only save resources but also save the manpower and material resources required to replace the filter element and filter plate, thereby reducing the operating cost.

BLU-ZQX-789 provides a surface condensate wedge wire filter element, which makes up for the defects of insufficient strength and short service life of the existing filter element, which can save operating costs and effectively improve the filtration effect.


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