Sugar Syrup Filter Screen


  1. Brand: Bluslot
  2. Type: Wedge wire screen
  3. Material: SS304, 316, 316L
  4. Filtration precision: 25 microns.
  5. Flow rate: 10,000 liters per 20 minutes (~30,000 liters per hour)
  6. Syrup temperature: 25 degrees Celsius
  7. MOQ: 1PC
  8. Output: DN200
  9. Length: 1500mm
  10. Application: Sugar filtration
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The 25 Microm filtrations must be achieved in absolute mode and in a single pass.

For sugar syrup solution at 25 degrees Celsius, 60% Brix, 99% purity, the viscosity value is 44.3mPa.S, and density is 1290 kg/m3.
Considering min flow of 0.5m/s and max of 1.0m/s in the pipes (to avoid shear stress), and for 30,000 liters/hr flow, the pipe diameter required will range between 100mm to145mm.
Your recommendation was 0.4m/s.

As for the filtration accuracy, we have done 10 microns at most. We are the only wedge wire screen manufacturer in China that can achieve 10 microns filtration accuracy.
We can provide you with a 10-micron filter element, but it has a tolerance of 5 microns.
For this kind of high-precision filter element, if you want to ensure the filtering accuracy, the diameter of the filter element is generally 33-120mm.
So a candle filter is the most suitable. Several candle wedge wire filter elements are arranged side by side in the filter to ensure the flow requirement of the filter.
How many of these filter elements are needed in the filter needs our technical personnel to give advice.


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