Sugar Mill Trommel Screens


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Rotary Trommel Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  50 – 1500 microns
Application equipment: Sugar mill rotary drum devicd

trommel screen, also known as a rotary drum screen, is a mechanical screening machine used in the sugar mill.

It is mainly used in the squeezing workshop of sugar mills. Its function is to screen the sugarcane juice extracted from the sugarcane and separate the finely crushed bagasse from the sugarcane juice.

As the trommel screen used in sugar factories is not equipped with a cleaning system, the screen will gradually become clogged with bagasse after a few hours of operation, which will affect the performance of the trommel screen.

Therefore, in general, in sugar factories, manual flushing is used to clean the trommel screen. When the sieve is clogged, the worker holds a spray gun and sprays the trommel screen with hot water to remove the bagasse clogged on the screen.

However, manual operation is often inefficient, and it is easy to clean and not clean, which affects the efficiency of the drum screen. If workers are not careful, they may also cause accidents of scalding by hot water.

In order to solve this problem, BLUSLOT provides the BLU-TSS-01 series wedge wire trommel screen.

This trommel screen adds a set of cleaning systems on the basis of the original trommel screen. When cleaning is needed, only need to open the cleaning system, which is not only convenient for cleaning, but also saves labor.

  • The trommel screen is installed on the frame obliquely, and the motor is connected with the trommel screen through a chain through a speed reducer to drive the roller device to rotate around its axis.
  • When the sugarcane juice with finely crushed bagasse enters the trommel screen, the bagasse is discharged from the screen surface due to the inclination and rotation of the trommel screen.
  • The cane juice is discharged from the bottom of the screen to achieve the purpose of separating the residue and juice.

Trommel Screen Cleaning

  • The cleaning system consists of water pumps, water pipes, valves, and nozzles.
  • The water pump pumps the hot water to the main pipe of the water pipeline.
  • There are several branches on the main pipe, and each branch is equipped with a valve.
  • The branch extends into the sidewall of the frame and is connected to the spray pipe.
  • The spray pipes are arranged in the space between the screen of the drum device and the sidewall of the frame and are arranged along the cylindrical surface of the screen.
  • A number of nozzles are evenly distributed on the spray pipe, and the spray direction of the nozzles faces the mesh surface of the screen.

Advantage of Trommel Screen

  • Add a cleaning system to the trommel screen.
  • When the screen is clogged and needs to be cleaned, just turn on the water pump and open the valves on each branch. Hot water will be sprayed from the nozzles to clean the trommel screen.
  • After cleaning, stop the pump and close the valve.
  • This cleaning system no longer requires manual cleaning, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and saves labor.
  • The cleaning system sprays evenly, has no dead ends, and is cleaner than manual cleaning.
  • The screening efficiency of the trommel screen is also greatly improved, and it is beneficial to reduce the sugar content of bagasse.
  • Increasing the total recovery rate has good economic benefits.


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