Suction Dryer Air Distribution Device Wedge Wire Screen


  1. The shroud is used for primary diversion, and the wedge-shaped screen is used for secondary diversion. This method has high airflow uniformity and is conducive to making full use of the filled alumni
  2. The ribs of the wedge wire screen are trapezoidal cross-sections, with a large flow area and small gas resistance.
  3. The wedge wire screen is laid flat on the section steel composite bracket and is carried by the section steel composite bracket, which has a strong bearing capacity and low production cost.
  4. The edge pressing plate and the central pressing plate are firmly welded, which effectively prevents the escape of the adsorbent.
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Why Use The BLU-ADD-07 Wedge Wire Screen?

At present, the main structure of the air distribution device of the suction dryer is a punched orifice plate or a multi-layer wire mesh.

Adsorbents tend to clog holes formed by punched orifice plates or multi-layered wire mesh. This results in a reduction in the effective passage area of the gas flowing through the distribution device, an increase in airflow resistance, and an increase in energy loss.

In order to overcome the above-mentioned deficiencies of the prior art, LU-ADD-07 provides a new wedge wire screen for the air distribution device of the suction dryer.

The device has a simple structure and is easy to produce. Through the primary diversion and secondary split flow, the gas flows through the adsorption bed more uniformly, which effectively reduces the resistance of the adsorption bed.

It is beneficial to make full use of the filled adsorbent, prolong the adsorption time, and ensure that the dew point of the adsorption process is in an excellent state.


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