Steam Blown Self-Cleaning Wedge Wire Filter


  1. The rotation of the filter element forms layered flushing, and the impurities flow down along the direction of the helix of the filter element, which improves the effect of washing the filter element.
  2. Facilitates the successful peeling of impurities from the filter element
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Why Use The BLU-ZQX-321 Self Cleaning Wedge Wire Filter?

The filter is an indispensable device on the conveying medium pipeline. It is usually installed at the inlet end of the pressure-reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve, and other components.

When the existing filter is processed, the water to be treated passes through the filter cartridge of the filter screen, and its impurities are blocked. When cleaning is required, the detachable filter cartridge must be taken out.

After treatment, it is reloaded into the filter body, because the filter element is relatively bulky, complicated to disassemble, and inconvenient to operate, which is even more inconvenient when filtering high-viscosity liquids.

BLU-ZQX-321 is a filter element rotary steam jet self-cleaning wedge wire filter screen


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