Two-stage Static DSM Screen


  1. Reduce equipment investment and equipment footprint, reduce energy consumption, and improve slurry quality.
  2. Compact structure, saving raw materials and reducing manufacturing costs.
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This kind of DSM Screen for the starch industry is especially a two-stage static pressure sieve bend screen suitable for small and medium starch plants.

At present, the screening equipment used in the production of starch in the starch industry includes centrifugal sieves, vibrating sieves, star anise bars, etc.

This screening equipment occupies a large area, consumes a lot of energy, makes a lot of noise, and has low screening efficiency, poor slurry quality, and high powder content in the slag.

To a certain extent, it affects various technical indicators and economic indicators of starch plants.

The existing static pressure DSM screen is only suitable for starch manufacturers with an annual output of more than 40,000 tons.

For starch manufacturers with an annual output of fewer than 10,000 tons, only some nozzles and local screens can be used, and the equipment will increase the floor space, resulting in undue waste and economic losses.


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