Slotted-Type 1/4″ Thick 7 Gauge Drill Pipe Screen


  1. Outer Ring for 2-1/2″ OD Body SLOTTED Screens Only
  2. 2″ OD Body & 2-7/8″ OD Body Slotted Drill Pipe Screens can use STANDARD Outer Rings
  3. 2-1/2″ OD Body Slotted Drill Pipe Screens MUST use
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Why Use The BLU-STP-01 Drill Pipe Screen?

In oil and gas exploration and development, drill string assemblies are used to form mud channels to transport drilling fluids for drill bits.

During the drilling process, the mud needs to be pressurized by the mud pump to meet the drilling fluid column pressure required by the drilling to balance the formation/reservoir pressure.

During the pressurization and transmission of drilling fluid, non-metallic materials, such as Vale rubber, are often used for pumps and transmission pipelines. Therefore, damaged non-metallic materials or other impurities often enter the drilling fluid.

Especially when using downhole power screw drilling tools or small nozzle drill bits, there are stricter requirements on the cleanliness of the drilling fluid. In order to prevent impurities from blocking the downhole power drilling tool or the water hole of the drill bit, causing premature damage or tripping of the tool, resulting in an increase in drilling costs and the risk of downhole complexity.

Therefore, the drilling fluid is usually cleaned by placing a drill pipe screen in the threaded joint of the drill pipe.

Conventional filters cause severe erosion of the inner wall of the drill pipe due to the high-pressure drilling fluid jet directed toward the inner wall of the drill pipe in a vertical or nearly vertical direction, forming erosion pits.

In severe cases, piercing the inner wall of the drill pipe results in failure of the drill pipe puncture, and even failure of the drill pipe at the location of the erosion pit, resulting in fish falling in the well of the drill string and causing serious drilling accidents.

The BLU-STP-01 series products overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of the prior art and provide low-erosion drilling pipe screens for drill pipes.

The filter adjusts the direction of the flow velocity of the high-pressure drilling fluid when it flows through the filter. This effectively alleviates the erosion effect of high-pressure drilling fluid on the inner wall of the drill pipe when it passes through the filter and reduces the risk of puncture failure or fracture failure of the drill pipe when the filter is used.

Improve the service life and safety of drill rods.

Drill Pipe Screen Work Process

  • When the drilling fluid passes through the filter screen and sprays into the drill pipe, it first enters the hole through the upper through-hole of the suspension head.
  • The outflow direction of the drilling fluid from the filter is no longer vertical or nearly vertical to the inner wall of the drill pipe but through multiple filter holes.
  • Relative to the inner wall of the drill pipe, the drilling fluid is sprayed from the filter hole tangentially or obliquely, and the unsprayed drilling fluid finally flows out through the filter hole at the bottom.





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