Sewage Sedimentation Purification Device Filter Screen


  1. Efficiently filter impurities in sewage.
  2. The design is reasonable and the structure is simple, which solves the problem that the impurities in the sewage are not easily separated from the water in the prior art.

Why Use The Sewage Sedimentation Filter Screen?

Sewage usually refers to certain polluted wastewater from life and production.
The main pollutants contained in sewage include sludge, organic pollutants, oxygen-consuming pollutants, anaerobic pollutants, plant pollutants, toxic pollutants, Radioactive contaminants, etc.

In the prior art, a sedimentation tank is usually used to precipitate particulate matter, but the sedimentation purification takes a long time, and the purification effect is not ideal.

Therefore, some treatment plants use chemical methods to treat the above-mentioned sewage.

However, the material mixer in the prior art cannot fully mix sewage, sludge and oxidant, catalyst and flocculant, and insufficient mixing will affect the effect of subsequent sewage treatment.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the BLU-WSCL-01 series provides a sewage sedimentation purification treatment device wedge wire filter screen.

Application of Sewage Sedimentation Filter Screen

  1. Magnetic coagulation sedimentation purification equipment
  2. Catering and hotel sewage treatment sedimentation tank
  3. Vertical flow inclined plate sedimentation tank
  4. Industrial wastewater purification treatment equipment
  5. Pig Sewage Treatment Equipment
  6. Food industry sewage treatment equipment
  7. Seaweed kelp cleaning sewage treatment equipment
  8. Mechanical processing wastewater treatment equipment
  9. Three hydrogen vertical flow sedimentation tank
  10. Carbon steel wastewater purification treatment equipment
  11. Workshop wastewater purification treatment equipment
  12. Grit chamber wastewater treatment equipment
  13. Pickling and phosphating wastewater treatment and sedimentation equipment
  14. FRP biological oxidation tank Sedimentation tank
  15. Solid-liquid separation sedimentation tank
  16. Degreasing and phosphating sewage treatment sedimentation tank
  17. High-density concrete sewage inclined pipe sedimentation tank equipment
  18. Coal mine tailings treatment sedimentation equipment
  19. Buried sewage treatment sedimentation tank
  20. Cutting fluid wastewater treatment equipment
  21. Bubble Bean Sewage Sedimentation Tank Equipment
  22. Fully-automatic air flotation filter
  23. Tire Processing Wastewater Treatment
  24. Paint spray wastewater pickling phosphating wastewater inclined tube sedimentation equipment
  25. Expressway buried integrated sewage treatment equipment
  26. Equipment for treating sewage by solar energy Sedimentation tank


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