Separation Screens In Chicken Offal Processing


  1. Type: Wedge Screw Press Screen
  2. Used: Single Rotary Drum
  3. Remove feathers and other impurities.

Working Principle of The BLU-FLJ-06 Screw Press Screen

  • The water stream containing a lot of feathers and other impurities is pumped into the BLU-FLJ-06 Screw Press Screen to remove the feathers and other impurities from the water.
  • Feathers are waxed, while dehairing water is recycled back to the feather picking area for reuse and mixed with make-up water.
  • Complete the recycling of chicken farm wastewater.

Advantage of BLU-FLJ-06 Screw Press Screen?

  1. High efficiency and low water consumption.
  2. V-shaped wire structure, not easy to block.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Conserve water. Water consumption is less than one-third of conventional screens.
  5. High coaxial. Ensuring perfect coaxiality is the most important part.



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