Self-Cleaning Wedge Wire Baskets For Ultrafiltration Of Landfill Leachate


  1. With V wire screen structure, the wedge wire basket is not easy to be blocked by the discharge of dirt.
  2. The bottom of the filter basket is provided with a threaded engagement connection between the sleeve pipe and the sewage pipe, so that the filter basket can be installed in the main pipe.At the same time, it is convenient to disassemble the filter basket from the main pipe for adjustment and maintenance.

Why Use The BLU-WWBK-01 Self Cleaning Filter Screens?

Basket filters are mainly used in oil or other liquid pipelines to filter impurities in the filter tube. At present, when most basket filters need to be cleaned, turn on the switch of the main pipe and take out the inner filter element for cleaning.

It includes a seat body with inlet and outlet ports, a filter basket installed in the seat body, and a cover plate covering the upper surface of the seat body.

The cover plate is fastened and fixed to the surface of the seat body through multiple sets of bolts.

The wedge wire baskets include a basket with continuous slits on the upper side and a funnel-shaped sewage hopper at the bottom.

The bottom of the sewage collection bucket is provided with a sewage pipe, and a drain valve is provided after it extends out of the sidewall at the bottom of the seat body.

During the filtering process of the above-mentioned basket filter, the dirt in the filter basket slowly settles into the sewage hopper. When the dirt in the sewage hopper reaches a certain amount, unscrew the drain valve to discharge the dirt.

However, when cleaning the dirt, you need to manually unscrew the drain valve to discharge the dirt. Cleaning up the dirt is time-consuming and affects normal production. Therefore, improvement is needed.

BLU-WWBK-01 self-cleaning wedge wire baskets for ultrafiltration of landfill leachate. A control mechanism is set in the main pipe to control the switch of the inlet pipe, the outlet pipe and the sewage pipe, and the dirt in the filter basket is discharged through the sewage pipe for cleaning . So as to achieve the effect of automatically cleaning the dirt in the filter basket.


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