Sand Bed Screens For Micro-Filled Sand Filter


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  10 microns or more
Connection method: threaded fittings, couplings, or flanges
Application: Sand filter

Vigorously developing irrigation can ensure the sustainable and stable development of agricultural production.

The sand bed screen is used in the micro-irrigation project, which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of the micro-irrigation project and ensure the stable and increased production of agriculture.

The Working Principle Of Sand Bed Screens

  1. The sand filter is a device that uses sand as a medium for filtering. It is mainly composed of a tank water inlet, water outlet, sewage outlet, sand bed, and other parts.
  2. The filtering principle is that the water containing impurities such as mud and sand enters the sand bed after entering the tank body.
  3. The wedge wire screen constitutes the support of the sand bed, that is, the sand bed screen.
  4. The filtration process is completed when passing through the tortuous pores between the filter media.
  5. The mud sand is trapped in the sand bed filter unit, and the filtered water is discharged through the sand bed screen.
  6. When the pressure difference exceeds the maximum allowable pressure drop during work, manual cleaning or backwashing should be performed.

Sand and gravel filter screen are mainly used to filter water containing organic matter and silt in water sources such as reservoirs, ponds, dams, open channels, and rivers, and are especially suitable for the treatment of algae, floating debris, and other debris.


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