Rod-Type 1/4″ Thick Drill Pipe Screen


  1. Filter the impurities in the drilling fluid to ensure the normal operation of the MWD wireless MWD tool.
  2. Avoid blockage of the water eye of the drill bit.
  3. Prevent the drill pipe screen from damaging the inner wall of the drill pipe female button and the service life of the factory inspection.
  4. Filter the mud and protect the MWD wireless MWD tool.
  5. Reduce the labor of oil workers and increase the drilling speed.
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Why Use The BLU-ZLZ-GT-03 Drill Pipe Screen?

In the process of oil and natural gas drilling, MWD wireless MWD is used more and more widely. When using MWD wireless MWD, the mud must be clean.

In the past, the mud was cleaned by the drill pipe screen, so that every time the drill pipe was connected, the drill pipe filter had to be taken out once.

The process of taking and releasing the drill pipe screen increases the labor of the oil workers. At the same time, it may happen that the drill pipe filter is left in the drill pipe and forgets to take it. The serious consequences will cause the drill pipe to pierce and break the drill tool.

The drill pipe screen used in the petroleum industry is connected to the drill pipe string to prevent the rusty debris and debris in the drill pipe from blocking the drill pipe string and ensure the normal progress of workover operations.
The drill pipe screen includes an upper joint, a lower joint, a filter mechanism, and an adsorption mechanism. The adsorption mechanism is installed between the upper joint and the lower joint, and the filter mechanism is connected to the adsorption mechanism.

A sedimentation cavity is formed in the upper joint to absorb the deposited rusty debris and debris to prevent the drill pipe string from being blocked.

It is mainly to filter the rust generated on the inner wall of the drill pipe, but not to filter the mud during the drilling process. Its purpose and design principle are different.

The BLU-ZLZ-GT-03 series products provide a downhole drill pipe screen for drilling in response to the above-mentioned defects in the prior art, which can filter mud during drilling operations.


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