Quartz Filter Element


Advantage: It is easy to replace, not blocked and easy to clean.

The annular shell is divided into eight even fan rings by eight vertical baffles.

The outer surface of the outer arc of each fan ring is provided with a water inlet.

On the inner side of the water inlet, four wedge wire filter elements with gradually decreasing radius are arranged in sequence, from the filter element with the largest radius to the arc filter element with the smallest radius.

Every two filter elements are filled with quartz sand.

Eight filter elements with the smallest radius enclose the hollow part of the annular shell to form a water filter tube.

The center of the water filter pipe is divided into two symmetrical parts by a vertical plate, and the two ends of the vertical plate are respectively in the same plane with two symmetrical vertical baffles. The filter can effectively improve the filtering effect and facilitate backwashing.


When the above-mentioned patented equipment is in use, it is inconvenient to replace the filter element when it is blocked or damaged or needs to be replaced. The disassembly is too troublesome, resulting in a waste of time and labor to replace the filter element when the filter element needs to be replaced, which delays the processing schedule and reduces efficiency.


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