Pulp Mill Sieve Bend Screen


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire DSM Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  20 microns or more
Angle: 60°
Application: Pulp Mill

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Why BLU-HXS-06 Series Sieve Bend Screen?

Pressure sieve bend screen is an important part of pulp mill equipment.

The existing pressure screen is composed of pressure sieve bend screen sheets, upper and lower side linings, and middle linings.

The pressure screen is composed of dense longitudinal wires and transverse bottom bars on the back.

The positional relationship between various components is: The profile wire (wedge wire) is above, the support rod is below the profile wire, the edge is lined at both ends, and the middle is lined between the surface wire and the support rod.

The profile wire is perforated and connected with the bottom reinforcement, and the support rod and sidelining are connected with the middle lining, and the sidelining is generally welded with the support rod at both ends.

However, there are the following deficiencies in its processing and manufacturing:

  1. A single profile wire needs to be processed with bulges, which has a complex process and high cost.
  2. The height of the protrusion on the face wire determines the gap between the screen seams, and the screen seams of different specifications are manufactured.
  3. The screen technology is cumbersome and inconvenient to adjust.
  4. The profile wire is connected with the support rod perforation to form the flatness of the screen sheet, which is not easy to control.

BLU-HXS-06 series products provide a pressure sieve bend screen that can simplify the surface wire processing process, facilitate the production of screen seams of different specifications, and has high flatness.

Structural Features Of BLU-HXS-06 Series Sieve Bend Screen

  • The metal material of the profile wire is processed into a smooth wire body with a trapezoidal cross-section.
  • The bottom of a plurality of profile wires is arranged close to each other without gaps to form a plane.
  • Then the upper bottom of the trapezoidal surface wire is vertically welded on the bottom reinforcement to form a mesh plane.
  • Then, the plane formed by the seamless lower bottom edge is finely ground to expose the surface wire edge to form a screen seam.
  • The mesh plane with screen gap is processed into a matching pressure curved screen according to the requirements of curved screen radian.

Because the integral surface processing method is used to replace the previous single processing method, the processing process is simplified, the screen gap is uniform, the manufactured screen plate has high flatness, reduces the production cost, overcomes the disadvantages of the existing process, and brings unexpected results to the production of pressure sieve bend screen.


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