Precious Metal Recovery Wedge Wire Filter In Electroplating Wastewater


  1. It can effectively remove and isolate suspended solids.
  2. The waste water solution containing precious metals is repeatedly filtered, which improves the recovery rate of precious metals, reduces environmental pollution and saves costs.

Why Use The BLU-DDGL-01 Wedge Wire Filter?

In the electroplating process, a large amount of wastewater will be produced, and the electroplating wastewater will contain precious metals, and the direct discharge will not only pollute the environment but also waste resources.

Therefore, in the production, the wastewater will be recycled and reused. Generally, the suspended solids are first settled by coagulation.

Reverse osmosis of precious metals to realize the collection of precious metals is not only environmentally friendly but also saves production costs.

The recovery devices in the prior art are designed to be relatively simple, and the suspended solids are not effectively isolated, resulting in a low recovery rate of precious metals.

It will also cause certain environmental pollution and waste of resources.

BLU-DDGL-01 provides a wedge wire filter element for the recovery of precious metals in electroplating wastewater.


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