Poor And Rich Liquid Multi-Stage Wedge Wire Filter


  1. The filtration accuracy reaches 10um.
  2. The foam-like group existing in the amine solution is sheared and broken, and the elastic gel layer forming the foam is destroyed, which solves the problem of air resistance caused by the formation of air film on the surface of the fiber filter.
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Why Use The BLU-HG-17 Wedge Wire Filter Screens?

At present, the desulfurization solvents used in the desulfurization of domestic refineries, natural gas, synthetic ammonia and other industries are mainly alcohol amines. Alcohol amine is a weak organic base that can absorb hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in the gas at 20-50°C.

When the temperature rises to 105°C or higher, the originally absorbed hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are decomposed and released, and the amine solution is regenerated.

Keeping the desulfurization and decarburization solutions clean is one of the keys to ensuring the stable operation of desulfurization and decarburization devices.

The industrial practice has proved that the suspended solids, dissolved hydrocarbons, degradation products produced during the operation process, thermally stable salts, and other pollutants in the desulfurization and decarburization amine solutions have an effect on the efficiency of desulfurization and decarburization devices, equipment corrosion, and solvents. Loss, etc. will have an important effect.

LU-HG-17 provides a multi-stage combination wedge wire filter element with simple structure, easy installation and use, and high filtration accuracy.


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