Pleated Filter Element For Synthetic Fiber

  1. Brand: Bluslot
  2. Material: SS304, 316, 316L
  3. Filter rating: 15 micron
  4. Diameter: 42 mm
  5. Length: 285 mm
  6. Application: Synthetic fiber, film, and plastic
SKU: BLU-PFET-04 Category:
ModelBLU36/220-10Nominal rating(μm)15 micron
ClassificationStainless steel pleated filter cartridgeOuter diameter(mm)42
Filter mediaPleated/corrugated wire meshLength(mm)285
Material316L stainless steelConnector / End fittingThread
ApplicationPolymer filters, synthetic fiber, film, and plastic

Polymer products such as synthetic fiber, film, and plastic are with a wide range of materials for versatile applications. The key process of most polymer industries is polymer melting before formation. The micro contamination, foreign object, and another impurity in the melted liquid can affect the production process, the processing equipment, and the characteristics and quality of the end product. Thus the polymer filters and filtration for the melted liquid to ensure clean and pure polymer melt is the prerequisite for subsequent processing. Regarding the recycling of polymer waste, filtration is also an essential process. The polymer melt is always high viscosity fluid under high temperature and high pressure, and the filtration rating will be 5 microns or less. The stainless steel pleated filter cartridge is with excellent resistance to high temperature and pressure conditions and can be easily cleaned by automatic backwash/backflush or other chemical and mechanical cleaning methods. The pleated structure ensures a high filtration area in a compact size, thus reducing the differential pressure and flux rate. The pleated filter cartridge is suitable for large area polymer melt filters, pack filters, candle filter screen changers, and other applications that need large filtration area and high flow rate.


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