Pipeline decontamination self-cleaning screen


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L
Filtering accuracy: 10 microns – 4000 microns
Function: Intercept impurities in the pipeline
Application: Medium conveying pipeline
Installation position: pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, and fixed
Water level valve

Why Use The BLU-ZQX-22 Filter Screen?

The filter is an indispensable device on the pipeline of the conveying medium. It is usually installed on the inlet side of the pressure-reducing valve, the pressure relief valve and the fixed water level valve, and the other equipment of the filter.

The filter consists of a cylinder, a stainless steel wedge wire filter screen, a sewage part, a transmission device, and an electrical control part.

After the water to be treated passes through the filter cartridge of the filter screen, its impurities are blocked. When cleaning is needed, just take out the detachable filter cartridge and reload it after treatment.

At present, most of the self-cleaning filter screens on the market waste a lot of water resources during use, resulting in low efficiency of decontamination work, bringing inconvenience to the work of the staff, and reducing the work efficiency of the staff. Extending the working hours of the staff, but also brought huge economic losses to people.

BLU-ZQX-22 Filter Screen is a self-cleaning filter screen that is easy to decontaminate. It has the advantages of high decontamination efficiency and solves the problem of low decontamination efficiency of general self-cleaning filters.

Advantage of BLU-ZQX-22 Filter Screen

  1. The self-cleaning filter has high decontamination efficiency and avoids wasting water resources during use.
  2. This brings convenience to the work of the staff, improves the work efficiency of the staff, shortens the working time of the staff, and also reduces people’s economic losses.
  3. The problem of low working efficiency of the general self-cleaning filter screen is solved, which brings great convenience to people’s work and life.
  4. With the filter cavity, coarse filter element, and fine filter element, the self-cleaning filter can achieve a good filtering effect, avoid the appearance of incomplete filtration, bring convenience to people’s use, and facilitate people’s work and life .


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