Perforated-Type 3/16”11 Gauge Drill Pipe Screen


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Cone Drill pipe mud screen
Material: SS304, 316
Thickness: 11 Gauge
Holes: 3/16”
Length: 3’
Surface treatment: heat treatment.
Large Top – Fishing Neck
Outer ring: Include
Application: Drill pipe

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Why Use The BLU-ZLZ-09 Drill Pipe Screen?

At present, in domestic drilling sites, in order to prevent large particles of drill cuttings and other foreign bodies in the slurry from clogging the water holes of the drill bit during the drilling process. Various filters need to be installed in the circulation system to achieve the purpose of filtering the slurry, thereby reducing unnecessary tripping and increasing the drilling speed.

So far, it has been widely used to install a drill pipe screen filter in the drill pipe female buckle under the kelly protection joint (referred to as the square protection joint). This method is convenient for disassembly and assembly and has strong operability.

There are roughly three types of drill pipe screen filters currently in use:

  • The first is a simple sieve tube filter, which sprays from the inside to the outside. However, in this way, the impact of mud will cause serious puncture damage to the inner wall of the drilling tool, which greatly shortens the service life of the drilling tool.
  • The second is to install a section of the outer cylinder outside the original screen, which can effectively protect the inner wall of the drilling tool from puncture damage, but this structure has a short service life and the outer cylinder is also vulnerable to damage.In addition, the puncture damage at the lower end of the sieve tubular inner cylinder is not easy to observe, and it is easy to cause the lower part of the inner cylinder and the cover plate to fall off during use, which may cause underground accidents.
  • The third type is the DC drill pipe screen filter installed in the female joint hoop. It changes the direction of the slurry and sprays from the outside to the inside to avoid puncture damage to the inner wall of the drilling tool. Considering the ease of connecting the drill pipe, its overall length is only 150mm, the filter screen area is relatively small, and the filtering effect is limited.

BLU-ZLZ-09 series products provide a drill pipe screen filter with less puncture damage to the inner wall of the drill pipe water eye, long life, and good filtering effect.

Advantage of BLU-ZLZ-09 Drill Pipe Screen

  1. The inner hole type drill pipe filter has a simple structure, lightweight and convenient operation, which is suitable for various types of drill pipes.
  2. By changing the direction of the fluid and making the fluid flow from the outside to the inside, a relative jet is formed when the fluid flows through the filter screen, which effectively buffers the impact of the jet.
  3. While filtering fluid impurities and preventing foreign matter from blocking the drill bit’s water eye, it also avoids damage to the drill pipe.
  4. The filter element is detachable, easy to clean and replace, which saves production costs.


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