Paint Impurity Wedge Wire Screen


  1. Vertical strip baffles are arranged on the filter plate, and the paint powder can quickly pass through the filter plate.
  2. Impurities can be automatically rolled off through the inclined filter plates, and the strip baffles are not easy to be damaged and have a long service life.

Why Use The BLU-TLZZ-01 Wedge Wire Screen?

In the production of coatings, the raw materials need to be pulverized and then filtered, and the filtered powder without impurities can be further processed.

The filtering device in the prior art filters through a filter screen, and the filter screen is easily damaged, and the impurities on the filter screen need to be cleaned regularly, which is troublesome to use.

BLU-TLZZ-01 solves the technical problems existing in the existing technology and provides a filter plate with a wedge wire screen panel.


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