New Amine Wedge Wire Filter


  1. Efficient removal of organic pollutants in the amine solution
  2. Avoid frequent replacement of filter elements, improve work efficiency, save costs, and improve economic benefits
  3. Simple structure, stable performance, and long service life

Why Use The BLU-AYG-98 Wedge Wire Filter?

In the petrochemical industry, alcohol amine solvents are widely used for the removal of acid gases (H2S, CO2, etc.) in raw gas.

However, during the long-term use of the desulfurization solvent, corrosive substances such as thermal steady-state salts will inevitably be generated, which will affect the stable operation of the equipment.

Therefore, ensuring the cleanliness of the amine solvent is of great significance to the stable operation of the device. Filtration of poor solvents and ion exchange purification is one of the commonly used technical means.

Solvent filtration is the pre-step of solvent purification, which is used to improve the purification effect of ion exchange equipment.

At present, major domestic refineries usually use a combination of three-stage filter and ion exchange equipment on the side of the auxiliary pipeline, according to the size of the amine liquid circulation.

However, some of these small refineries usually use services to deal with problems such as solvent degradation and solvent foaming due to their small size and capital.

Domestic amine liquid purification manufacturers take this opportunity to design and manufacture a set of purification equipment specially used for amine liquid purification technical services.

However, in the process of use, it is found that the amine liquid conditions of major refineries are different, and it is difficult for a single-function filter to meet the actual needs of the site.

Therefore, in view of cost considerations and the actual needs of the site, it is essential to design and develop a new type of amine filter.

At present, the commonly used amine liquid filters on the market mainly include bag filters, metal powder sintered filter element filters, activated carbon filters, etc., which have a single function and cannot be interoperable, and are not suitable for the actual needs of amine liquid technical service sites.

In order to solve the above problems, BLU-AYG-98 series products provide a new type of amine wedge wire filter.


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