Multi-Tube Self-Cleaning Wedge Wire Filter


  1. Adapt to various harsh environments, and have a simple structure, convenient maintenance, long life, and achieve the effect of filtration and separation
  2. Reduces production costs and is an ideal filter element

Sewage filters have a wide range of applications and are suitable for other water treatment facilities such as steel smelters, electric power, petrochemicals, municipal engineering, food processing plants, papermaking, rubber, and leather manufacturing plants.

At present, the sewage filtration devices in our country mainly use self-cleaning filters, hydraulic drives, etc. The main structural feature of these filters is that they can only be single-in and single-out, and there are Y-type, L-type, M-type, T-type, and other forms.

Existing filters can only be used in a certain field environment, and cannot be used according to some specific field changes.

The BLU-ZQX-210 series product is a multi-tube self-cleaning wedge wire filter element. After the raw water enters the filter for filtration, the filtered water can be discharged through two or more pipes to meet the downstream production process to the greatest extent.



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