Machine Tool Cutting Fluid Wedge Wire Filter


  1. Double-filtered cutting fluid, simple structure, can get more pure cutting fluid.
  2. The wedge wire screen can be clamped on the flange of the filter inner basket, which is convenient for disassembly, assembly and cleaning.
  3. The filter screen can also bear the weight of cutting chips, and the structure is strong and durable.
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Why Use The BLU-QXY-19 Wedge Wire Filter Screens?

In machine tool processing, cutting fluid is used as an auxiliary material for cooling and lubricating tools, and its usage is very large. If it is only used for one time, it will cause a lot of waste.

It is usually required to be recycled after filtering. The current simple filtering and recycling devices generally only have a single-layer filter screen. In the face of the cutting fluid with chips of different sizes after use, it is often impossible to obtain a better filtering effect.

BLU-QXY-19 provides a wedge wire filter for cutting fluid filtration with double-layer filters. The cutting fluid is double-filtered through double-layer filters with different pore sizes.

Not only the structure is simple, but also purer cutting fluid can be obtained.


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