Lye Online Filter Element


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L
Filtering accuracy: 10 microns – 4000 microns
Filtering direction: FOTI & FITO
Application: Alkali liquor filtration

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What Is Lye Online Filter Element?

The online filter of alkali liquor is a kind of filter that uses wedge wire filter elements to separate impurities such as label paper and fiber in alkali liquor, so as to ensure that the spray head is not blocked during alkali liquor circulation. In order to achieve high efficiency and save circulation of alkali liquor, the intelligent design of a control system (PLC and PAC) can automatically identify the deposition degree of label paper and automatically clean and discharge sewage.

Why Use Wedge Wire Screen Lye Filter Element?

Before annealing, coating, and other post-process treatment of cold-rolled strip, the alkaline solution shall be used to clean the grease, iron powder, adhered dust, and other impurities on the surface of the rolled strip. The alkaline solution is recycled between the online alkaline washing tank and the alkaline solution circulating tank. With the continuous cleaning of the unit, the solid impurities on the strip continue to enter the alkaline solution and gradually accumulate, These solid impurities are mainly oil sludge formed by the adhesion of iron powder and oil. Wedge wire filter element is generally used for filtration.

Due to the regular or irregular discharge or alkali liquor, on the one hand, it causes the consumption of alkali liquor and demineralized water, on the other hand, it increases the treatment of wastewater. Therefore, many factories in the steel, copper and iron industry need to use wedge wire screen alkali liquor filter elements.

The industrial alkali liquor filter element realizes the online recycling of alkali liquor. Through the centrifugal action of high speed and high centrifugal force, the oil, water, and impurity particles are separated due to different specific gravity to remove the fine particle impurities and an oil slick in the alkali liquor. “0” emission is realized, which lays a foundation for the recycling of waste alkali liquor such as zinc plating, chromium plating, continuous annealing, silicon steel, chemical industry, automobile coating, alumina, papermaking, electronics, and military industry, so as to realize energy conservation, emission reduction, and industrial environmental protection.

Characteristics of on-line wedge wire filter for fully automatic self cleaning alkali solution

  • Special wedge wire filter screenstructure can effectively remove paper fiber and aluminum salt. The filter screen of the online alkali liquor filter adopts a special triangular structure, which can not only effectively remove paper fiber and aluminum salt, but also create good conditions for self-cleaning, improve the self-cleaning effect and ensure the smooth flow of the filter screen.
  • The wedge wire filter screen of online alkali liquor filter is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and high temperature resistant.
  • Suction pipe, scraper, and steel brush are set in the filter screen of alkali online filter, which can completely remove the dirt on the filter screen and ensure the automatic cleaning effect. This is one of the iconic designs of the lye online filter.
  • The filter screen of the online alkali liquor filter has a certain inclination angle, so that a shear force is generated between the scraper and the filter screen during self-cleaning, which cuts up the dirt attached to the filter screen wall and eliminates it through the self-cleaning valve to improve the self-cleaning effect.
  • Fully realize online filtration and make a reliable guarantee for maintaining the activity of alkali liquor. The complete on-line filtration can remove the paper fiber and aluminum salt continuously produced by the bottle washing machine in time, so as to ensure that the turbidity and surface tension of the alkali liquor is controlled within a reasonable range, so as to prolong the service life of the alkali liquor.
  • Tap water is introduced into the online filter of alkali liquor during self-cleaning. First, it can increase the fluid pressure outside the filter screen and improve the self-cleaning effect; Second, tap water can be used to replace the discharged alkali liquor to save the alkali liquor discharge; Third, it can reduce the head requirements of the filter booster pump and save electric energy.
  • There are many models of online alkali liquor filter elements, with a filtration flow of 25m3 / H ~ 45m3 / h. users can select corresponding models of filters according to the volume of alkali tank 1.


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