Low-Alcohol Liquor Diatomaceous Earth Filter Element


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L
Filtering accuracy: 20 microns – 4000 microns
Filtering direction: FOTI & FITO
Application: Diatomite filter for removing impurities from low-alcohol liquor

Why Use BLU-GZT-03 Series Candle Filter Screen?

In the production process of liquor, a semi-finished wine can be obtained by adding a combination of raw wines to slurry water to reduce the degree. However, due to the degree of decrease in the slurry water, some substances in the liquor will precipitate with the decrease in alcohol content, making the semi-finished wine turbid. Therefore, Need further processing.

There are two existing treatment methods: one is freezing filtration, and the other is powder-activated carbon adsorption diatomaceous earth filtration.

Among them, in the process of using diatom activated carbon adsorption and diatomaceous earth filtration, it is found that at the beginning of the filtration stage, the liquor flowing out of the fine filter tank contains black activated carbon, which causes some black activated carbon precipitation and diatomaceous earth precipitation in the finished wine tank, thus It has a certain impact on the appearance and coloring of the finished wine and the quality of the product.

Therefore, it is necessary to re-filter part of the finished wine with residues of sediment, thereby increasing production costs and wasting certain resources. Aiming at the deficiencies of the above problems, BLUSLOT provides a low-alcohol diatomaceous earth filter element. The liquor produced is of high quality, colorless, transparent, clear, and has no precipitation.

The Working Principle Of BLU-GZT-03 Series Candle Filter Screen

  • The first cycle filter:
    Add large particles of diatomaceous earth to the circulation tank, close the first valve, start the circulation pump, and precoat the coarse filter.
    The diatomaceous earth forms a diatomaceous earth coating on the wedge wire filter element in the coarse filter. At this time, the wine enters the coarse filter under the pressure of the circulating pump and is filtered in the coarse filter.
    The coarse filter intercepts the powdered activated carbon and precipitated impurities in the wine in the pre-coating so that the clarified liquid enters the collection cavity in the coarse filter, and the wine is clear through the sight glass to complete the first cycle filtration.
  • The second cycle filtration: add small particles of diatomaceous earth to the circulation tank to pre-coat the filter element of the fine filter. After the pre-coating, the wine will be filtered through the coarse filter, the fine filter, and the circulation tank under the pressure of the circulating pump.
    After the wine is clear, the second cycle of filtration is completed. At this time, the first valve is opened, the fourth valve and the sixth valve are closed so that the wine in the semi-finished wine tank flows into the finished wine tank after being filtered.


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