LNG Deacidification Rich Amine Liquid Filter Element


  1. The foam-like groups existing in the rich amine liquid are sheared to break the foam, and the elastic gel layer forming the foam is destroyed, which solves the problem of air resistance caused by the formation of a gas film on the surface of the fiber filter element.
  2. It overcomes the problems of low efficiency of traditional filter cloth, frequent backwashing, small dirt holding capacity of bag filter, frequent replacement of filter bags, and inability to handle waste filter bags.

Why Use The BLU-AYG-05 Wedge Wire Filter?

Solvent filtration is the most commonly used method in solvent desulfurization and decarbonization systems.

At present, refineries usually set up two-stage (filter cloth, filter bag, or filter element + activated carbon) or three-stage (bag type + activated carbon + bag type) on the side of rich amine liquid according to the amount of amine liquid.

The disadvantage of this device is that the filtering effect is low and it is easy to block.

For pollutants such as ferrous sulfide particles, iron hydroxide particles, solid catalysts, coke powder residues, metal chips, and elemental sulfur in the solvent system.

If it cannot be effectively filtered, it may cause equipment corrosion, solvent degradation, solvent foaming, and other hazards.

BLU-AYG-05 provides a rich amine liquid purification wedge wire filter element with a good filtering effect, long service life, and high safety.


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