Lithium-ion battery slurry Vacuum Wedge Wire Filter


  1. The structure is simple, easy to install, and improves work efficiency.
  2. The contact between the slurry and the environment is reduced, and it is more suitable for the screening of high-nickel cathode material slurry.
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Why Use The BLU-LDC-05 Wedge Wire Filter?

In the production of lithium batteries, there will be some incompletely dispersed particulate materials in the slurry during the battery beating process, and the relevant characteristics of the slurry will directly affect the coating effect.

In the end, it may lead to abnormal performance of the battery. Therefore, after the pulping is completed, a sieving operation is generally required to remove the undispersed materials in the pulp.

At present, the screening devices in the lithium battery industry are generally produced in large quantities, or some can handle a small amount but are not economical, and it is inconvenient to replace the screen.

Therefore, there is a need for a small vacuum filter device for lithium-ion battery slurry.

BLUSLOT provides a vacuum wedge wire filter for lithium-ion battery slurry that is suitable for processing small amounts of slurries, especially when preparing slurry samples. The screen replacement of the vacuum filtration unit is very convenient.


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