Lithium-Ion Battery Slurry Multi-Stage Pipeline Wedge Wire Filter


  1. Filter out large particles, undispersed aggregates, and glue in the slurry.
  2. Filtration of fine particles makes the pressure transfer step by step, and greatly reduces the pulse effect, so that the slurry transportation is more stable and the purpose of slurry filtration is achieved.
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Why Use The BLU-LDC-02 Wedge Wire Filter?

Lithium-ion battery slurry feeding systems are all pipeline feeding, and the slurry needs to be filtered during the pipeline transportation.

The existing filter is a pipeline filter, and its filter element is also a pipeline type. The filter screen interface of the filter element is a whole. The slurry enters the filter from one end of the pipeline and flows out from the other end after being filtered by the pipeline filter element.

Since the lithium-ion battery slurry is prepared by mixing and dispersing a variety of materials with a binder added, there will be large particles, undispersed agglomerates, glued objects, etc. in the slurry.

Due to the presence of these substances, the pressure at the inlet and outlet ends of the in-line filter is different and pulsating. The binder in the battery slurry is viscous and elastic, so agglomerates and glue-like objects pass through the filter element. There will be stretching and time lag.

Creates a pulsing effect at the filter screen interface of the filter element. Therefore, the filtering effect on the entire pipeline filter element is unstable.

Large particles, undispersed agglomerates, and normally dispersed slurry particles pass through the filter element together, and large particles, undispersed agglomerates, and glue-like objects will temporarily block the filter screen interface of the filter element.

The particles that affect the normal dispersion pass through the filter screen interface of the filter element, and the glue connection will first block the mesh so that the pressure at the inlet end is large, and the pressure at the outflow end is small, and finally, the mesh is filled.

Even well-dispersed particles cannot be filtered, and the standard to measure whether the filter element needs to be replaced currently mainly depends on the pipeline pressure.

After the filter element has been filtered for a period of time, the mesh hole is blocked, and the pipeline pressure rises to a certain pressure. It is judged that the filter element needs to be replaced or cleaned, and the current existing lithium-ion battery slurry filter will produce pulsation.

The filtration function of the filter element cannot be effectively utilized, the filtration efficiency is low, the replacement frequency is high, and the use cost is high.

BLU-LDC-02 wedge wire filter element overcomes the problems of pulsation and high filtration efficiency and low cost of traditional lithium-ion battery slurry pipeline filter element.


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