Lithium Battery Slurry Self-Cleaning Internal Scraper Filter Screen


Brand: Bluslot®
Type: Wedge Wire Screen
Material: SS304, 316, 316l, 2205,32750, 904, 904L, Hastelloy
Slot size:  10 microns or more
Connection method: threaded fittings, couplings, or flanges
Application: Battery Slurry

BLU-NCY-02 series self-cleaning filter screen element is applied to the technical field of auxiliary equipment for lithium battery slurry production, lithium battery slurry filtration. Remove particulate impurities from lithium battery slurry.

Why Use The BLU-NCY-02 Series Battery Slurry Filter Screen?

The scraper filter screen element is mainly suitable for precision filtration of various liquids, such as water, solvent, acid-base liquid, coolant, polymer, etc. it can handle liquids with a viscosity of up to 800000 centipoises.

The wedge wire filter screen is used to directly intercept the impurities in the liquid, remove the liquid suspended solids and particles, reduce the turbidity, purify the liquid, and reduce the generation of system dirt, bacteria, algae, and rust, so as to purify the liquid and protect the precision equipment of other equipment in the system.

The existing scraper filter screen has the problems of low filtration efficiency and a large amount of material in the filtration tank. When applied to the slurry filtration of lithium batteries, there will be precipitation, resulting in the decline of slurry quality.

The BLU-NCY-02 Series provides a self-cleaning inner scraper filter element for lithium battery slurry, so as to reduce the residue of slurry at the tank bottom and facilitate disassembly and assembly.


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