Large Flow External Scraping Wedge Wire Filter


  1. It avoids the inconvenience of installation and rotation caused by the deviation of the straightness of the wedge wire screen and prolongs the service life of the scraper.
  2. Can be used for impurity separation of large flow, high viscosity liquids

Why Use The BLU-ZQX-754 Self Cleaning Wedge Wire Filter?

The filtration flow of the existing external scraping filters on the market is 5-120m3/h. When the processing flow exceeds 120m3/h, the filtration flow is small due to the technical limitations of wedge wire screen processing. When the diameter of the wedge wire screen is increased.

The deviation of its straightness and roundness also increases accordingly, so that the beating of the wedge wire mesh in the circumferential direction also increases accordingly during the rotation process.

It is difficult for the scraper to completely remove the impurities on the entire circumference of the wedge-shaped mesh because there are still some impurities attached to the outer surface of the screen after scraping.

As a result, the piezoresistance inside and outside the screen cannot be lowered after scraping, and the effect of continuous filtration cannot be achieved.

Bluslot developed BLU-ZQX-754 series products to solve the above problems.


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